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Sustainability means operating
in a way that protects

—— Behind the farm

“El Chorro”, is our 35-acre support farm, located near the quaint Santiago village, 75 kms away from Cabo San Lucas. Farming operations in our support farm will enable our restaurant to be near self-sufficient in our produce production by 2023 growing more than 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables. In addition to produce we are producing our own organic free-range eggs and will expand to raise our own pigs, goats and lambs. All this has been done in order to obtain total control on how our food is produced and to ensure that our farm animals have been humanly raised and slaughtered. 

In 2022 El Huerto F2T will open an al fresco dining experience at our support farm where our guests will enjoy a truly unique fine dining experience. Cooking by ancestral methods our chef will create exquisite dishes solely with products from the farm harvested that same day, to be served and dinned in the middle of our fields. 

—— Behind the farm

“El Chorro”, it´s our 6-acre support farm, located in a little town named Miraflores, 75 kms away from Cabo San Lucas.  Here we grow more than 60 types of vegetables and some farm animals.

At El Huerto Farm to Table Restaurant, sustainability means operating in a way that protects, preserves, and restores the natural environment. We are working to promote social equity, and to contribute to the economic prosperity for shareholders and stakeholders in the area.

We are open for breakfast and dinner service, from Tuesday to Sunday

Address: Rancho San Angel. Access by Cabo del Mar. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Dress Code:  Resort Casual